How can you help?

There are many different ways to volunteer, depending on your interests and availability. Some common options include:

Providing direct service to individuals in need, Assist with administrative tasks, such as answering phones or organizing events.

Participate in fundraising or advocacy efforts, such as organizing a charity walk or writing letters to policymakers.

Tutoring or mentoring youth or adults.

To get started, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Remember that volunteering is a commitment, and it's important to be reliable and follow through on your commitments. However, it can also be a lot of fun and a great way to make a positive impact in for God and your community.

Basic Responsibilities of Serving and Volunteer - ship

Attend regularly:
If we don't attend, we can't be edified, and we can't get to know you in a way that meaningfully informs our shepherding

Give regularly:
If we don't give, we can't fully devote themselves to preaching and teaching.

Pray regularly:
One of the most basic ways we can edify and encourage one another towards greater obedience, holiness, and joy is through prayer.

Attend live streams, communion services particularly:
t is an ordinance commanded by the Lord for our joy in and remembrance of Him. It binds us together as a believing community, and reminds us of the significance of Christ's death.

Attend small group meetings particularly:
We should care enough about the life of our local church to attend business meetings and to contribute to them in helpful ways by being quick to listen and gentle in speech.