The goal of mentorship is to help mentees become confident in Christ, passing our faith to others as God instructs us in Psalm 78:1-8 and Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.

The Mentee…

  • Is Eager To Know God In A Deeper Way
  • Wants To Grow Spiritually
  • Is Approachable About Any Topic Or Situation
  • Is Willing To Be Vulnerable
  • Is Open To Stepping Out Of Their Comfort Zone
  • Desires To Learn More About Scripture
  • Seeks To Apply God’s Word To Their Daily Life

The mentor could be Prophet chantal Ekabe or someone assigned by her or a rotation. The mentors will discuss how God has been encouraging, convicting, challenging, and comforting them through their personal study and the previous Sunday’s talk. An emphasis is placed on discovering what obedience looks like and how we might actually live out our faith.

Why Aren't Mentorship Groups Larger Than 8 People?

By keeping the size of the group small, there are fewer schedules to coordinate between the members of the group, introverts are more likely to participate, and the smaller size of the group ensures everyone gets a chance to fully engage in discussion.

What Do I Do If Someone Asks If They Can Join Mentorship But It Is Already Maxed Out At 8 People?

Please reach out to us through the contact us flow. The new person coming in may become a catalyst for the group to become two separate groups, and our mentorship seeks to create more Mentors so that more people can participate.

What Is Growth Track?

Growth Track is our pathway from New believers to spiritual formation, and maturing in our relationship with Jesus.

Join discussions to help deepen your faith and equip you to follow Jesus in the world. Growth tracks happen periodically throughout the year in community and include teaching, discussion and application.

Growth Track will help you establish a foundation rooted in the story of scripture. We’ll look at topics like the meaning of life, identity, scripture, and what it means to follow Jesus in our world today. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the big themes in the story of Scripture and how we fit into it.

One of the best parts about growth track is that it will help you start to form relationships with people that you have never met before. As you attend Growth Track, we will do our best to connect you with a Rooted experience or an ongoing discipleship group.

Start-up mentorship teaching on all you need to know to start your walk with Christ! If you’re a new believer or need a refresher on the basics of faith, this class will be a great and encouraging place to start. We will answer important questions like:“Why should I read the Bible?” “Why and how should I pray?” “Why is going to church important?” “Why and how should I share Jesus with others?”

What Happens When I Finish New Walk?

By the time you finish - new walk, you will have established two to three tangible next steps to continue on your journey. They will look slightly different based off of decisions you make, but our hope is to help you find your place at chantal Ekabe Ministries and move on to Growth Track