What’s Happening?

In addition to our Daily Livestream: Monthly Podcasts, Yearly Conferences & Intermittent PPP Group meets We want you to be aware of our

The First 3 Days Of Every Month.?

We recommend no food, no social media except to meditate or listen to worship.

We advise that you take on one type of fast from the following structure:

6am -12noon Fast :

No food, no water, no tv, no phones. Pray as long as you can with the bible. Separate yourself, speak less, Plan yourself one day ahead. Plan to pray for an hour between 12am-3pm or 4am - 6pm 6am - 3pm Fast:

No food, water only. Pray as long as you can. Speak less often, be quiet, No T.V, no phones. Break with fruits & vegetables at 3pm. Eat a regular meal at 6pm 6am - 6pm Fast:

can be dry with no food, no water or no food, water only fast. No TV, no Phones, no gossip, seperate yourself! Break with regular food at 6pm. Repeat everyday for 3 days

More Fasting You Should Know

Esther Fast:

Complete Fast. Used for emergency situations. 3 days Dry fast. No food No water. seperate yourself. Pray for 3 days. All day as often as you can. No distraction. Absolute discipline and intense contention with strongholds.

Isolation Fast:

This fast allows you to eat normal meals; preferably healthy. This is good for people with health issues. This fast requires complete isolation and silence. Separation from materialism, consumerism, TV. Some check into hotels away from their city or rent cabins in the woods or cut off communication from the general population for a week. Just existing in utmost silence with the scripture only, No work, no laptop, no music. Useful for people seeking direction

Daniel Fast:

Partial Fast. Used for extended fasts 21 days and over. Vegetables fast only. No meat, no fine foods, no ointment, No alcohol etc. requires discipline and sacrifice. Pray every hour.

White Fast :

Used for extended fast to cleanse and grow in the Spirit. Avoid foods with sugar, spices, and salt. You can eat rice,oats with no salt or spices or a pleasurable taste, meat with no seasoning, vegetables with no seasoning, no dressing. etc Pray at midnight - 3am

Revelation Fast :

Used when you need a solution to a perplexing matter. Fast is ongoing month to month until the issue is resolved. Every month you fast for 3 weeks. Rest for one week. Begin the cycle next month. Pray from 3am - 4am

Lent Fast:

Group fast for a purpose, each person fasting the way they want for a person who cannot fast